Study for the analysis and description of a digital workflow for train drivers and customer service employees in local transport


An analysis of working areas in the maintenance of freight transport identified processes in need of improvement. The company intends to balance this need with the use of digital solutions.


Different products of exoskeletons and data glasses are evaluated regarding their application potential in maintenance in the context of this project. The aim is to estimate which products can achieve improvements of the processes. Both human-related and system-related factors will be used for evaluation.


A process model for the evaluation of the products was developed in the project. This model includes workplace analyses, stress surveys, employee questionnaires on technology acceptance and expert interviews. In addition, economic factors were determined for the final evaluation.


The results are evaluations of exoskeleton and data glasses for selected work areas, which can now be tested. The process model has been evaluated and can now be applied to other work areas or products.