The use of digital technologies in the construction sector is rare compared to other industries. Small businesses in particular, which are numerous in construction, find it difficult to meet the challenges of the transition to digital technologies. The potential of digitalisation in the construction industry, however, is enormous. In order to promote a more efficient as well as budget- and schedule-safe construction process, methods of Artificial Intelligence for the support of construction management cannot be neglected.


In the BMBF-funded research project “ESKIMO – Development of Artificial Intelligence System Modules for a Digital Mobile Value Chain for the Construction Industry”, methods of Artificial Intelligence are being developed and tested in order to analyse the status quo on construction sites and thus support construction management.

The use of AI applications requires enormous amounts of data, which have to be elaborately extracted and prepared. An essential aspect for the later acceptance of the AI application to be developed is the handling of personal data. The research focus of the IAD, which is involved in the project via a subcontract, is on data protection aspects from the users’ point of view. In this context, the protection of personal data is considered to be of great importance. Furthermore, ethical questions arise from the use of AI applications, which must be taken into account.


The study focuses on the relevant data protection aspects related to the use of wearables and AI applications. For this purpose, the data collected within ESKIMO as well as their collection and processing procedure will be examined in more detail through interviews. Based on these interviews, user surveys will be carried out in order to assess the generated data and processing procedures with regard to data protection criticality. Influencing factors regarding data disclosure will be identified and requirements for data protection from the user perspective will be derived.