Study for the analysis and description of a digital workflow for train drivers and customer service employees in local transport


Customer service employees in local transport and train drivers at DB Regio AG are already equipped with digital technologies which they use in a variety of ways every day. These technologies are used, e.g. for passenger information or technical documentation of trains. In the near future, digital technologies are to be integrated even more comprehensively into everyday working life.


The project therefore aimed to analyse the working processes for which the use of digital devices is suitable. It also aimed to determine which functions are useful and desired by the workers. On the basis of this analysis, the digitalised workflow is outlined.


In order to analyse the work processes, work observations were carried out in the form of train rides and partially structured interviews. Expert workshops and surveys were then used to evaluate relevant functions and equipment in particular. The digitalised workflow was illustrated with process diagrams.


The result was a comprehensive analysis of the work processes of both occupational groups and a selection of work processes suitable for the use of digital equipment. An analysis of the suitability of various devices and a presentation of the digital processes were also presented.