Share(d) Image - Understanding and Improving the Road User's Perception of Ride Sharing

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Driving pleasure and driving experience as a function of the means of transport chosen (Bier et al. 2018)
Driving pleasure and driving experience as a function of the means of transport chosen (Bier et al. 2018)


The average occupancy rate of private cars is only 1.5 persons/vehicle (BMVI, 2018), which leads to a high volume of traffic in everyday life, combined with traffic jams and overcrowded parking spaces as well as a high burden on the environment. At the same time, people without a vehicle of their own are restricted or even isolated by non-existent, complicated or excessively busy public transport connections. New solutions must increase the occupancy rate of cars in order to reduce the total number of cars and also increase overall mobility. Ride sharing services offer a solution that is not entirely new from the basic idea. Ride sharing is understood to mean the transport of passengers in a motor vehicle if this transport corresponds to the main purpose of the person travelling, namely to reach a destination and not to carry passengers for profit.


The aim is to increase interest in and willingness to use ridesharing services by identifying reservations of current and potential users of ridesharing services about sharing their own vehicle and travelling with other people and vehicles and by giving recommendations for action to reduce these obstacles to use.


In an explorative survey, current and potential users of Ride-Sharing services are interviewed about obstacles to use and hypotheses are derived. These are then validated in a subsequent confirmatory survey (online and paper questionnaires) and design recommendations are derived. Finally, a prototype is used to evaluate the implemented design recommendations by means of a survey.


The result will be the identification of acceptance and usage obstacle factors for Ride-Sharing services. These will be presented in targeted recommendations for action and provide a basis for increasing interest in and willingness to use ride sharing services.





The project Share(d) Image was funded by the Federal State of Hessen and the House of Logistics & Mobility (HOLM) GmbH under the funding code HA-Project-Nr.: 861/20-18.