Driving Pleasure and Driving Experience of Transport Users

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Today, the car is the most frequently used means of transport in Germany and has become an indispensable everyday object for many people. A positive driving experience is a central factor influencing the choice of our means of transport. The terms driving fun and driving experience are often used by media and manufacturers. It is often unclear what is meant by the terms driving pleasure and which factors influence driving pleasure. Today, the driving experience and driving pleasure are discussed in particular with regard to the increasing automation of driving.

Driving pleasure and driving experience as a function of the means of transport chosen (Bier et al., 2018)


The IAD investigates the driving pleasure and the driving experience from the perspective of different means of transport users as well as specifically with regard to the progressive automation of the car. The aim is to determine why people prefer the car as a means of transport and which factors contribute to the driving experience and driving pleasure when using different means of transport.

A central question is how automated driving affects the driving pleasure experienced by vehicle users. In order to investigate this question, research will focus on the driving experience and driving pleasure of car users in the roles of “driver” and “passenger”.


In order to clarify these questions, literature-based factors were derived that shape the driving experience and driving pleasure of different transport users. These were empirically investigated using a survey study (n = 334). Differences with regard to the driving experience and driving pleasure of transport users were analysed. Coherence analyses revealed factors that contribute to the driving pleasure of transport users.


Different factors influence the driving experience of transport users. Important factors are flexibility, availability and reliability of a means of transport.

The analysis with regard to driving pleasure shows that the influencing factors can be divided into the dimensions driver, vehicle and environment. The driving pleasure of active and passive means of transport differs fundamentally. While car drivers enjoy fast, active driving, this has a negative effect on the driving pleasure of passenger car passengers. Influences of sociodemographic characteristics, as well as characteristics of the journey and the characteristics of the passenger car on the driving pleasure could be identified.