Use of Gamification Elements to Support the Vehicle Guidance Task

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Playful elements, so-called gamification elements, are now being used more frequently in everyday activities in order to achieve certain behaviours of people, while also increasing the user experience. The usage of gamification elements in the context of driving is also conceivable and already implemented in small areas, e.g. to promote more ecological and safer ways of driving.

Due to the increasing automation of vehicles, the distribution of tasks between the driver and the vehicle is changing. The driver will no longer be constantly involved in the vehicle guidance. Whilst this gives the driver time to perform activities which are not related to driving, he also faces the challenge of having to take over the vehicle guidance and, within a short period of time, regaining situational awareness in order to be able to react accordingly.


The aim of the studies is to ensure that drivers stay in the loop through the systematic use of gamification elements, and to support them in readmission situations.


The IAD analyses the principle application possibilities of gamification elements. In addition, their influence on the acceptance of drivers is assessed.


It has already been proven that the use of gamification elements can be used to optimise driving behaviour and prevent fatigue caused by monotony. This is seen as a great potential especially with regard to highly automated driving.