The increasing complexity of interactive systems in the private and the professional sector as well as in the car present new challenges for the development of user friendly human-machine-interfaces. The effectiveness and efficiency during the interaction as well as acceptance and user experience depend on how well a technical system is adapted to the skills and characteristics of the users.

The Human-Machine Interaction & Mobility research group is focused on the design of interactive systems. The aim is to adjust the systems to the respective context of use and to make the desired range of functions accessible to the people using them without placing an unnecessary burden on them. Product ergonomics and usability also play a major role here. In the field of mobility, research is being conducted in particular on automated vehicle driving. Here, concepts are being designed for the interaction between automated vehicles and outside road users, as well as between vehicle occupants and automated vehicles. The interaction between the automated vehicle, the vehicle occupants and a technical supervisor in an operation centre is also being researched. In addition, individual aspects of the vehicle interior are being considered, such as seating comfort or the design and arrangement of controls and displays.

Recent Projects