The increasing complexity of interactive systems in the private and the professional sector as well as in the car present new challenges for the development of user friendly human-machine-interfaces. The effectiveness and efficiency during the interaction as well as acceptance and user experience depend on how well a technical system is adapted to the skills and characteristics of the users.

The research group vehicle ergonomics is focused on the design of interactive systems. The goal is to adjust each system to the specific context it is used in and give the user access to the desired functions without overcrowding the interface. In the area of mobility new driver assistance systems are with functionality and interface in mind are being designed, further research is being done on automated driving, indicators that allow a prediction of driver behaviour in specific situations being developed. The driver behaviour while interacting with a driver assistance or information system is also being analysed and evaluated. In addition, singular aspects of the interior such as the seating comfort or the design of display and operating elements are being reconsidered.