Targeted, Age-Appropriate Teaching of Job-Related Skills Through Learning Factories (ZielKom)

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The challenges for lifelong learning in the manufacturing industry have increased considerably in recent years, particularly due to an ageing society, a decreasing length of time employees spend in a position or company, and a stronger international orientation of companies. Employees need to engage in continuous training more than ever in order to keep up with the latest technical and methodological developments. The identification of innovations and trends, self-directed learning of production-technical contexts and the ability to adapt to technical changes form the basis for future success in executive and managerial functions in production and production-related areas.


The project focuses on the development of competencies in mixed-age teams with the aim of supporting employees throughout their working lives and maintaining their ability to work until retirement. Each of the participating project partners faces a particular issue and provides their own specific viewpoint.


Over the three years of the project, necessary competencies in the companies are surveyed and promoted by means of competence development measures. Employees of the participating companies train professional skills as well as social and communication skills using the example of “Shop Floor Management” in the Process Learning Factory of the TU Darmstadt. Finally, all age groups learn how working and learning in mixed-age teams can be fun and effective. The evaluated and tested training courses are then integrated into the respective company's internal training management. Most importantly, however, the analysis tools and competence development measures created are prepared for application in other companies (especially SMEs), so that procedures and results are of broad social benefit.


A catalogue of competence measures for the transfer of knowledge and competence at the workplace was developed and evaluated together with our partners from science and industry.