User Requirements of Elderly Drivers for the HMI in Automated Driving

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Due to their age-related physical and cognitive limitations, elderly drivers are often limited in their mobility. For example, they often avoid driving at night, in bad weather or at times of heavy traffic, which can lead to social isolation and, in the long term, to health problems. Automated driving offers elderly people a way to maintain or even expand their individual mobility and can also provide more safety on the road. However, due to the performance capabilities and limitations of elderly drivers, it is important to note that HMI design is adapted to the specific expectations and needs of elderly users to make interaction with automated systems attractive and, above all, safe.


In this project we investigate the specific requirements of elderly people for HMI design in automated vehicles (SAE Level 2 and higher). Based on this, first exemplary solutions for such HMI are to be developed.


First, the current state of research on HMI design for elderly users in automated individual transport is analysed and, based on this, age-specific expectations and needs are determined. Open questions are then answered, for example, through interviews and focus groups. Based on this, a catalogue of requirements for HMI design for elderly drivers in automated individual traffic will be created and first generic approaches to solutions will be developed.

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