Worst case analysis of the stress on the cardiovascular system caused by the current shift system of Fraport ground handling services

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On September 1, 2003, an agreement between Fraport AG and the Works Council of Fraport AG on the pilot project Human Resources Logistics came into effect. The aim is to adapt working hours to the strongly fluctuating operational requirements, whilst considering the individual working time wishes of the employees.


The aim of the project was to analyse the stress level of the employees in the current shift system. In particular, a worst-case analysis was carried out to determine whether the current shift system could possibly lead to an overstrain on employees' health.


In order to document the present situation, an inventory was made of the current stresses and strains as well as the satisfaction of the employees. Following the introduction of the new working time regime, the real stresses and strains, the perceived stresses and strains and the satisfaction of the employees were again surveyed and evaluated with regard to the changes between the old and new shift regimes.


The result is a comprehensive analysis of the individual stress situation.