Organisation of working hours in the strategic business unit ground handling services

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In the business unit Ground Services, flexible shift schedules are drawn up with the aid of EDP on the basis of operational requirements and the individual working time wishes of employees.

Following training in the use of the software modules, a pilot project with the IAD will simulate real operations for about three months in a laboratory situation. Provided that it is sufficiently practical, reliable and accepted, the simulation will be transferred to real operation.


The aim of the project is to achieve a stronger adjustment of working hours to the strongly fluctuating operational requirements, taking into account the wishes of the employees. The reasons for this project are to maintain a high level of competitiveness and to secure jobs in ground handling services. The monitoring of the simulation and of the introduction of flexible shift schedules will be accompanied ergonomically, -psychologically and -medically. Among other things, the objectives are to avoid overstraining, to maximize acceptance and to offer the highest possible degree of health protection. In order to achieve this, objective stress, perceived strain and the satisfaction of employees must be assessed


An analysis of the current stress and strain as well as the satisfaction of the employees was carried out to document the current situation. The anticipated workloads caused by the simulated flexible shift schedules are then presented and evaluated. After the introduction of the new working time regime, the real stresses, the perceived strains as well as the satisfaction of the employees are again surveyed and evaluated with respect to changes prior to the introduction. Finally, possible improvements are presented.


The result is a comprehensive evaluation of the individual shift plans.