IGEL - Integrative Calculation of Maximum Stresses

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Integrative Maximum Load Calculation for Ergonomic Evaluation of Physical Stress

Software for the ergonomic assessment of physical stress

In cooperation with Robert Bosch GmbH, the IAD develops a computer-aided inventory of methods that enables ergonomic assessments of physical stress.

Conceptual structure

  • Create new project
  • Select method
  • Enter parameters
  • Conduct assessment
  • Presentation of results
  • Interpretation, if required derive necessary measures and implement changes

Application functions

  • User guidance through the method control system
  • Multilingual interface
  • Export / import of data
  • Database connection
  • Print preview
  • Filter options
  • Assistance system with examples


  • Analysis of different use cases in one work system
  • Easier optimisation of work processes and workplace designs
  • Quick overview of results across several workplaces