Deborah Petrat

Picture: IAD

Deborah Petrat studied psychology at the Johannes-Gutenberg-University in Mainz (Bachelor) and at the Technical University in Darmstadt. Her main focus during her master studies was on industrial and engineering psychology. In her master thesis she investigated the influence of non-acoustic factors on the noise sensitivity of airport residents.

Since December 2018, she has been working as a research assistant at the IAD in the Human & Organization research group. In the context of her phd she is working on the effects of artificial intelligence (AI) on the working environment, especially on the role distribution between employee and AI.

Selection of completed student projects

  • Christoffer, Florian Paul (2019): Artificial Intelligence in Ergonomics: Analysis of the Influence on Work Activity, the Workplace and the Working Enviroment (Masterthesis)
  • Analysis of the influence of artificial intelligence on forms of cooperation in working groups, on personal actions and forms of work in organizations
  • Behavioral analysis of bording and alighting in metro travelers on the plattform: a survey