Under the direction of Professor Dr.-Ing. Walter Rohmert (1963 – 1995), Professor Dr.-Ing. Kurt Landau (1995 – 2005) and Professor Dr.-Ing. Ralph Bruder (2006-2021) emerges one of the leading institutes for ergonomics in Germany. The institute (IAD) as part of the department of mechanical engineering of Darmstadt University of Technology enjoys a worldwide established reputation. One of its main characteristics is their broad subject orientation.

Thanks to this diversity and our experience from more than 60 years, the institute can always react appropriately to new problems, and influence entrepreneurial and social development through relevant research topics. The claim of IAD is to be a “universal institute”.

The multidisciplinary and international character of the institute warrants for the quality of research. Member of IAD qualify with their degrees in engineering, psychology, economics, and ergonomics.