Development of a mobile work supporting robot tile laying system

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The high workloads and strains of the craft of tile-setting often lead to complaints and sometimes even to incapacity to work. At the same time, the potential of digitisation and technological innovations is still little exploited compared to industrial production.

In the context of the MAROON project, it will be investigated how the craft of tile-setting can benefit from technological innovations and digitisation. The main focus is on the development of a robotic system to support tile-setting. The use of this robotic system should increase work ergonomics and reduce physical strain.


The project MAROON has the goal to support manual activities by the example of tiling by developing a mobile robot system. Through the use of the collaborative robot system, older craftsmen as well as persons with a physical handicap or a low qualification should be enabled to work adequately in the tiling trade in addition to the active and preventive relief of healthy craftsmen.

In this context, the Institute of Ergonomics of the TU Darmstadt supports the project consortium in the field of ergonomic questions.


Evaluation of the loads in trade:

  • Survey via an online questionnaire (physical complaints, desired aids and technical affinity)
  • Observations on different construction sites
  • work system analysis
  • Analysis and evaluation of the load in the tiling activities

Subsequently, design measures are derived according to the TOP principle. As well as the Definition of requirements for the desired assistance system.


As the project is still running, no complete results can be presented yet.