Application of Age-Differentiated Capability Data for the Derivation of Ergonomic Design Solutions for Age-Robust Workplaces

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For the first time, transfer projects will examine findings from research projects on “work and age” from the past six years for their applicability in company practice. The 3-year project, which is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), aims to check existing data on industry-relevant employee skills for their transferability and to complement them with further data. A skills database is to be developed, which will then be used for the planning and design of age-robust workplaces.

Research Questions

The following research questions will be addressed in the context of this project:

  • What physical skills do production employees have?
  • What is bearable for older employees?
  • How do we design workplaces in accordance with employees' abilities?
  • How do we deploy employees according to their abilities?


The skills that are identified as age-critical are to be tested in practice and their relevance for the derivation of design measures at the workplace is to be ensured. In addition, a model will be used to generate a database in which the identified skills and requirements can be entered and evaluated for various questions. Finally, together with a cooperating company, suggestions for improvement will be derived for a practicable survey of the relevant employee skills. The necessary practical approach is ensured by the cooperation partner, Daimler AG, which is working on the project together with the IAD.

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