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The term Wearables stands for small, networked computers that are worn on the body. These include, for example, smart watches or fitness bracelets. The devices can measure various parameters such as pulse, sleep rhythm or the wearer's movement. The data is recorded, processed and the results are displayed in an application. Wearables are often used in areas such as health, lifestyle and fitness. In the future they could also be of interest for digital workplace analysis. The IAD is currently testing various wearables that could be interesting for this purpose.

  • Lumo lift
  • Notch
  • Empathica
  • Hexoskin

Lumo Lift

The Lumo Lift is a wearable in the form of a small sensor that is attached between the shoulder and neck area below the collarbone. The device measures the number of steps, distance walked and calorie consumption. Of interest for ergonomics is the correction of posture when sitting and standing. By means of vibration, the wearer is made aware when an unhealthy posture is adopted. The measured values and information can be called up via an application.

Notch Motion capture systems

The Notch system consists of several sensors that can register movements. Depending on your needs, you can switch between a few sensors, e.g. for recording individual body parts, up to more than 10 sensors for a whole body measurement. Apart from the movement, no other data is collected. The sensors are waterproof, so they are also useful in water sports. With an application it is possible to observe the recording either live with the smartphone or to save it for later viewing.

Empatica E4

The Empatica E4 is a fitness wristband for measuring physiological data. Pulse, electrical conductivity of the skin and temperature of the skin can be recorded. The data can later be evaluated on a computer or followed live on a smartphone via Bluetooth. Besides the device's own application, it is also possible to develop your own applications for the Empatica.

Hexoskin Smart Shirts

The Hexoskin smart shirts are tight fitting shirts equipped with sensor technology. They measure heart rate and heart rate variability, breathing rate, steps, intensity of activity and sleep rhythm. These data provide comprehensive information about the wearer's state of health. The data can be displayed directly via the application, but can also be downloaded for later analysis.