Testing Area August-Euler-Airfield Griesheim

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The August-Euler-Airfield in Griesheim, which is owned by the Technical University of Darmstadt, is available as a test site for carrying out a wide variety of road tests. The 65ha large airfield is located south of the connecting road B26 from Darmstadt to Griesheim.

Testing Area

The airfield has an approx. 1300m long and approx. 20m wide runway and a so-called “Taxiway” with a length of approx. 1200m. Thus a circuit of approx. 2.5 km length is available. On the course there are realistic markings of lanes, crossings and turns. Furthermore, there is a forecourt where driving tests can be prepared or a handling course can be set up. A hangar is used to store test materials and vehicles. In the tower building belonging to the airfield, meeting and office rooms are available.


The airfield offers enough space and room to safely conduct road tests. Emergency braking, evasive manoeuvres, dynamic lane changes and similar manoeuvres in the border area can be performed safely. Furthermore, it is possible to simulate different traffic situations from city to motorway driving on the airfield by means of different road markings and the erection of traffic signs or pylons. Prototype vehicles or vehicles without road approval can be tested without problems (e.g. for autonomous or semi-autonomous driving). In contrast to tests in real road traffic, the driving tests can be reproduced very well and thus offer a high degree of comparability.