Stress Analysis - EAWS

The EAWS is an expert screening procedure for the assessment of physical stress (static postures / movements, action forces, manual load handling, repetitive movements of the upper extremities) at mainly industrial workplaces. Points are allocated for the above-mentioned types of stress, which are aggregated and evaluated according to a traffic light scheme (green < 25 points, red >50 points). The EAWS is based on international (ISO), European (CEN) and national (DIN) standards; (inter-)nationally recognized assessment procedures and relevant literature sources (e.g. publications, dissertations). The EAWS can be used as a “paper and pencil method” or IT supported throughout the entire product development process. The EAWS is used by major global players (e.g. VW, Stihl, Miele) as well as by companies operating in the regional European market.