Biomechanic Laboratory

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Physical forces / biomechanics

In the biomechanics laboratory, measurements of isometric maximum forces are made for different postures. These can be whole body forces as well as isolated/individual hand finger and gripping forces. Several three-dimensional force plates and hand dynamometers from Kistler are used for this purpose, or strain gauges are applied to the object to be measured. Whole-body forces in the “ Assembly-specific force atlas” project were measured using a special force measuring frame (developed at the IAD) and a hand force measuring system (developed at the IFA, St. Augustin). The system consists of two grips, in each of which two triaxial force sensors on piezoelectric basis are integrated. Postures are recorded by video or digital camera and the force values are used for biomechanical analysis.

These force values are, among other things, the content of different standards (e.g. DIN 33411 Parts 3 to 5), have been included in the automotive and assembly-specific force atlas or are required for questions of recovery time during various activities.