Health Management at Work

Set up of a systematic health management. Statutory requirements for occupational health and safety, occupational health and safety management. Impact factors of work on health and performance of employees and their systematic management.

Update: The block course Health Management at Work for SoSe 2022 will be offered in attendance from Monday (20 June 2022) to Wednesday (22 June 2022; start time on Monday 9:00 a.m.), legal requirements permitting. Up-to-date information will be sent to you via TuCan system message and you will find this on the IAD homepage under Education and the corresponding lecture.

Important Dates

Event Date Time Room Lecturer
Block course 20 – 22 June 2022 monday at 9 am L402 | 6 (planned) Dr. Franke
Exam probably 25 July 2022
(26 July 2022)
after consultation digital or in presence Dr. Franke


On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:

Students possess an overview how work impacts health and performance of employees and how these factors could be analyzed and managed. They know the tasks and responsibilities of executives required by occupational health and safety regulations and know how to manage this.