International und Int.cultural Aspects of Erg.

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Work Organization in Intercultural Context

(former: International and Intercultural Aspects of Ergonomics)

Type of event Day Time Room Lecturer Start
Introduction Tuesday 13:30 – 17:00 L1|01 533 Prof. Bruder, Dr.Ing. Marlene Helfert 29.04.2019

Course Description

Within a series of lectures and exercises students get to know the topic of work organization and learn in which ways it is influenced by culture. The course is held in English and offered every semester.

Contents are: Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions; Intercultural communication; Regional characteristics of work design and organization: cultural influence on division of tasks, working culture, job satisfaction and motivation, remuneration systems, leadership, cooperation, information and communication, labor time, work-life balance, gender roles, etc.

The course starts with lectures and exercises on several aspects of work organization and their characteristics in different cultures. In the following participants will work in small teams and edit a self-imposed topic. You will present the selected task and create an inter-active session concerning that topic. Each team will submit a handout (ca. 5-10 pages) about their issue.

The course will give you the opportunity to get to know and work with people from all over the world. An interactive learning environment encourages students to exchange experiences and viewpoints, and gain an intercultural understanding.

Lecture dates

29.04.2019 13:30-17:00 L1|01/528

06.05.2019 13:30-17:00 L1|01/528

20.05.2019 13:30-17:00 L1|01/528

17.06.2019 13:30-17:00 L1|01/528

24.06.2019 13:30-17:00 L1|01/528

01.07.2019 13:30-17:00 L1|01/528

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