M.Sc. Oliwia Karasek

Picture: O. Karasek

Research Associate

Oliwia Karasek studied in Psychology at the Technical University of Darmstadt and, as part of a one-year study abroad programme, at EWHA Womans University in Seoul. Before that, she worked as a state enrolled nurse at Heidelberg University Hospital.

She concentrated her studies on Occupational and Engineering Psychology as well as Clinical Psychology. In particular, she focused on counselling and coaching, health promotion and prevention, stress management and human-centred work and product design.

In her master's thesis, she investigated users' privacy and ethical needs and requirenments when using AI-based camera systems.

Since March 2021, Oliwia Karasek has joined IAD as a research associate in the research group People & Organisation. There she is engaged in the project “Advanced Systems Engineering for the Work Design of Cyber-Technical Systems (CyberTech)”, conducting research on competences, skills and facilitation concepts of employees.

In addition to her work at the IAD, Oliwia Karasek is concerned with Inclusion & Diversity, Gender Data Gap as well as methods and practices of anti-discriminatory and racism-critical counselling and teaching.