ZuKIPro Zukunftsforum 2024 in Frankfurt am Main


On July 2, 2024, the IAD took part in the exchange on the topic of artificial intelligence in the work context

The ZuKIPro Zukunftsforum 2024 took place on the premises of the Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK Frankfurt) and provided a platform for a joint exchange between representatives of small and medium enterprises, start-ups and publicly funded projects in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and digitalisation. The IAD was actively represented with the projects „Mittelstand-Digitalzentrum Darmstadt“ and „Kompetenzzentrum Arbeit und Künstliche Intelligenz“ (KompAKI). Visitors to our stand were able to find out about the main project areas and opportunities for cooperation. The focus was on exchanging ideas on the potential and challenges of digitalisation and the use of artificial intelligence in a professional context.

In addition to various keynotes, such as on the topic of “Established prompt engineering tactics for a more efficient use of AI”, all exhibitors were able to present themselves in a 2-minute pitch. There was also an opportunity for networking and a panel discussion in which participants' practical questions were answered. A special highlight of the event was the presentation of the award for the “employee-friendly AI 2024“ by KompAKI. This award recognises companies that introduce AI-based applications together with their employees and successfully use them to support their workforce. This year, the AI award went to WIANCO OTT Robotics for its cognitive assistance solution EMMA.

The IAD team would like to thank the participants for the constructive discussions and the smooth organisation of the event by the “Zukunftszentrum für menschzentrierte Künstliche Intelligenz in der Produktionsarbeit” (ZuKIPro).