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IAD takes part in the 20th IEA-Conference in Florence

The 20th conference of the International Ergonomics Association took place in Florence between august 26ths and August 30th. More than 1500 scientists and representatives of economy authorities and politics took part in the presentations and discussions around the lead theme “Creativity in Practice”

The IAD was also represented and reflected the professional diversity of the conference with its contributions: The design of a support system for blind people, the evaluation of an adaptive assembly system and creativity in the design of man-machine cooperation were dealt with, as well as risk assessment in manual load handling and results on loads in U-Assembly lines.

cian. Her focus were the topics of age-appropriate Work, employee skills and stress-assesment.

The IAD-Team wishes Dr. Christina König and Andrea Sinn-Behrendt all the best for their future.

Project @CITY-AF starts

The @CITY research initiative brings together 15 partners from the automotive industry, supply industry, software development and universities. Subdivided into the two projects @CITY and @CITY-AF, concepts, technologies and prototypical applications are developed, enabling automated driving in complex urban areas. The aim is to make the city traffic of the future as safe, comfortable and efficient as possible for all road users. The research initiative is supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) with a funding volume of around 20 million euros.

The Institute of Ergonomics is represented in the project @CITY-AF and will conduct research in the subproject “Human-Vehicle-Interaction” for the next four years. This subproject deals with the interaction between the three protagonists: vehicle users, automated vehicles and other road users. The Institute of Ergonomics will work on the question of how everyday human forms of communication in traffic (eye contact, gestures etc.) can be “translated” to automated systems without misunderstandings. Another research focus is the execution of non-driving activities in automated driving.

Further information about the project can be found at https://www.atcity-online.de/

Weitere Informationen zu dem Projekt finden Sie unter https://www.atcity-online.de/C