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Colloquium “mensch + fahrzeug“

The 9th Darmstädter Colloquium “mensch + fahrzeug” on 2nd and 3rd April 2019 brought together experts from science and practice under the theme ”Hand off, Human Factors off? – What role do human factors play in vehicle automation”. In a total of nine presentations, the main topic was dealt with from different perspectives. This year's colloquium focused on driving simulator concepts, communication and interaction between road users, and methodological aspects of human factors in automated driving.

The location of the Georg-Lichtenberg-Haus in Darmstadt offered a pleasant atmosphere for discussion and exchange. A further setting for networking and exchange was provided by the evening event in the Herrengartencafé in Darmstadt.

We are looking forward to the 10th Darmstadt Colloquium “mensch + fahrzeug” in spring 2021! The current conference proceedings can be downloaded free of charge under the address www.menschundfahrzeug.de

AutoErg meeting

The 14th AutoErg meeting took place on 28.03.2019 at the Opel GmbH in Rüsselsheim with the main topic “occupational integration of employees with disabilities”. About 30 representatives from the automotive industry and science attended the meeting organized by the Institute for Ergonomics & Human Factors to discuss current questions of production ergonomics.

In a total of four keynote speeches by representatives of Opel, Audi, Daimler and IAD, practical concepts for the matching of employee capability data and workplace requirements were presented. Here, the operational implementation was focused. In a workshop, the requirements for a successful integration management as well as the resulting risks and opportunities were discussed and subsequently presented.