Static Driving Simulator

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The IAD has a static driving simulator with high fidelity. This is ensured by an almost 360° visual simulation in a complete vehicle mock-up (Chevrolet Aveo), the driving simulation software Silab (WIVW) and the self-developed automation controller (SAE L3-L5).


The 180° forward view simulation is achieved via three image channels. The high-performance beamers (1920*1200 pixels and 6,000 lumens each) project onto three screens (3.30*2.07m each). For the visual display in the two exterior mirrors of the mock-up, two additional screens are available. The view in the rearview mirror is displayed by means of rear projection on a Plexiglas screen.

In addition to the integration of various control elements for near-series driver assistance systems, forward-looking automation concepts for vehicle guidance have also been integrated. Furthermore, a multimodal readmission request was developed, which allows to investigate the reaction times after automated driving back to manual vehicle guidance.