3D Body Scanner

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The IAD has a body scanner, which makes it possible to take optical measurements of the body. The scanner is used within the framework of teaching and project work at the IAD. The scan volume is 2.10 x 1.00 x 1.20 meters and unlike the security scanners at airports, which scan through clothing for dangerous objects, this scanner only scans surfaces. Test persons wear close-fitting clothing in order to record their body proportions precisely. This type of device from Vitronic has already been used for the SizeGermany series measurement and is currently used in the clothing industry for quality assurance. A further application approach uses determined scan data as a basis for an individual digital human model, which is used in practice to research human-machine interfaces.

The body scanner was acquired for the IAD with the kind support of BMW AG and funding from the TU Darmstadt. It allows precise 3D images in twelve seconds according to DIN EN ISO 20685.