Topics specific to different ages and stages of life

Demographic change and the interconnected change of composition of the population is currently an important issue. That is why the Institute for ergonomics and human factors (IAD) has been dealing with the short- and longterm consequences of demographic change from an ergonomic point of view for several years.

The focus lies not only on professional life but also takes later stages of life into account. The physical and mental ageing process is just as much part of the research interest as the consequences of these changes on different professional activities and surroundings are (production, vehicle, control stations, etc.) Further research interests are, for example, the compatibility of professional life with different stages of personal life, ensuring a workplace suiting advanced age, competence development in teams comprised of different age groups as well as the design of products for the elderly.

The interdisciplinary research focus on demographics brings research and project activities from the four different research groups together and thus develops a comprehensive and sustainable concept of ageing.