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More and more people are taking advantage of the infinite possibilities offered by the Internet. They gather information, buy products all over the world, exchange information with other users, compare prices, etc. Product suppliers also benefit from the expansion of the market, as they can reach a wider range of potential customers and online transactions simplify many aspects of their business. However, there are also risks associated with the security of the transaction as well as privacy and consumer protection.

Picture: InUse


The aim of the InUse project was to improve consumer protection on the Internet, and especially in online shopping.


A software for this purpose was developed by an interdisciplinary group of ergonomists and computer scientists of the TU Darmstadt, legal experts of the University of Kassel and two medium-sized companies. It assesses the trustworthiness of a web shop and communicates it to the user.


A central result of InUse is the Firefox or Google Chrome Add-On PassSec+ ( This software uses a wide range of information to judge the trustworthiness of the web page and communicates this judgement to users so that they can understand potential problems, learn what they need to pay attention to, be aware of possible consequences and be given recommendations for further action.


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