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Ageing healthy and qualified in the automotive industry

Source: INQA/Uwe Völkner/Fox

Due to demographic changes and the resulting increase in retirement age, the proportion of older employees in businesses will continue to increase within the coming years. Therefore more and more companies are concentrating on the question how to contribute to maintaining their employees’ health and work ability.

Decisive elements are work and personnel policies which are orientated to the course of an employee’s working life while reflecting the work organization, time management, workplace design, career paths, and health resources. Various tools and methods are already available in this field, but to date there has been minimal awareness about interrelations.

The aim of the PINA project is to research existing age management concepts. In close cooperation with the automotive industry successful measures will be identified in order to build-up a proactiveoriented and transferable age management model, considering internal and external stakeholders.

The collaboration between IAD and the Unit for Labour and Vocational Rehabilitation at the University of Cologne is promoted by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs within the Initiative “New Quality of Work” (INQA). The plans are supported by the Association of Disabled Councils in the German Automotive Industry.