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Development of age-robust workplaces based on age-differentiated capability data

Daimler Montage
Source: Daimler AG

For the first time the experience of the research from the last six years will be proved by a new transfer project concerning the topic “working and age”. The project has started in March and is funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). It aims at a survey on the given data about industrial relevant adequate assignment of employees. In addition the data should be completed within the project if necessary. Finally, a data base concerning worker abilities should support planning and designing of age differentiated workplaces.

Therefore, it is necessary on the one hand to detect characteristic age related abilities in practical settings, and on the other hand a model should support the evaluation of the data concerning different objectives. In a final step design suggestions for industrial cooperation partners, i.e. Daimler AG, should be developed.