Kompetenzfeld Produktergonomie und Usability

Forschungsschwerpunkt Fahrzeugergonomie

Product Ergonomics and Usability

Design plays an important role with respect to all products in the context of work and leisure. With the increasing user demands on products and the increasing competition on the market, the consideration of usability and user experience has become more and more important in addition to ergonomics.

Our research group focuses on the analysis and implementation of user-related product requirements as well as the evaluation and derivation of design recommendations for future products and those already on the market.

Reference Projects

User-Type-Centered and Situation-Adapted Optimisation of Driver Assistance and Communication Systems

Ergonomics of Medical Products

DETouch – Fabrication and Operability of Tactile IO-Displays Using Dielectric Elastomer Stack Actuators

EU-ALARP: A Railway Automatic Track Warning System Based on Distributed Personal Mobile Terminals