Kompetenzfeld Mobilität der Zukunft

Forschungsschwerpunkt Fahrzeugergonomie

Mobility of the Future

Megatrends such as networking, electrification and automation are already influencing the mobility behaviour of users today. However, the introduction of these technologies is only just beginning, so that the range and impact on future mobility behaviour are still largely open. While today individual means of transport are mainly used in isolation, significantly higher intermodality is to be expected in the future choice of means of transport. The basic prerequisite for this is comprehensive networking of the means of transport with the infrastructure, so that the user-side disclosure of data will become even more comprehensive.

Our research group contributes to the realization of future mobility concepts by investigating the motivation of the choice of means of transport, the driving pleasure of different means of transport as well as the user requirements for future intermodal mobility. In addition, we develop user-centered approaches that enable the user to control his data in a highly networked mobility environment.

Reference Projects

SeDaFa – Providing the User Perspective to Data Privacy in the Car

Use of Gamification Elements to Support the Vehicle Guidance Task

Driving Pleasure and Driving Experience of Transport Users

Intermodal Mobility – A Sustainable Concept from the Perspective of Users?