Kompetenzfeld Interaktion mit automatisierten Systemen

Forschungsschwerpunkt Fahrzeugergonomie

Interaction with Automated Systems

The progressing automation leads to a change of the tasks of humans in their activities. System understanding and trust in automation have emerged as the key factors in the use of automated systems.

Our research group investigates these and other questions primarily in the context of mobility. We investigate non-driving-related activities in highly automated driving and investigate the communication between road users in mixed traffic between automated and conventional road users.

Reference Projects

@City – Automated Driving in the City

Automated Vehicle Guidance – Driver-Vehicle Cooperation: Development of an Accident-Preventing Vehicle – PRORETA 3

Automated Vehicle Guidance – Driver-Vehicle Cooperation: Driving Together with the Vehicle – Conduct by Wire 2

Automatic Braking and Steering Interventions – PRORETA 1

Experimental Development of a Maneuver-Based Vehicle Guidance System – Conduct by Wire 1