Belastungsstudie bei Triebfahrzeugführern der DB Regio AG

Piktogramm Forschungschwerpunkt Arbeitsgestaltung/Arbeitsorganisation

Survey on Workload of Train Drivers at DB Regio AG

Source: DB Regio AG


The job description of train driver describes several modifications in the last 15 years: A change in organizational forms, new vehicles, additional technical equipment, changes in control equipment, and the acceptance of further tasks induce DB Regio and the general work council Regio/Stadtverkehr to evaluate the stress and strain of traction vehicle conductors.


In order to examine the complex coherences, we use video observation, eye movement analysis, rides in a simulator, questionnaires, partly structured interviews, workshops, expert-reviews, and physiological measurement.

The variety of influences is observed by accompanied rides of chosen daytimes, visits at permanent establishments with different areas of responsibility (e.g. interurban and suburban railroad, etc.), and an evaluation of documents (for example shift schedules).

Driver's cab of an older diesel locomotive, model range 218 (source: DB Regio AG)