Piktogramm Forschungschwerpunkt Arbeitsgestaltung/Arbeitsorganisation


The ability to adapt and react quickly and appropriately to a new situation is called resilience. The factors that promote resilient behavior on an organizational and business level and how businesses become is resilient are only partially researched.

Since January 2016 the IAD is the lead manager of the three year project STÄRKE. The projects combines approaches from the fields of ergonomics, psychology and business administration. The analysis is based on the EFQM-Modell, which provides a structure for fundamental organizational analysis as well as being able to identify where action is required.

The IAD is focusing on the micro perspective and analyses the development of individual resilience from the employee’s perspective. The experiences gathered in the pilot KMU will be prepared in the form of a practical aid, the “resilience compass”. This will help businesses to analyze their resilience independently and to implement appropriate measures.

Projects partners are the institute for applied ergonomics in Düsseldorf, Institute for economics in Cologne and the Frresenius University as well as five small and medium sized businesses. The theoretical frame is set by the BmBF funding priority “measures and recommendations for the healthy workplace of tomorrow”. The brochure and further information can be found on the projects website under: