Piktogramm Forschungschwerpunkt Arbeitsgestaltung/Arbeitsorganisation

Human & Organization

Digitisation, flexibilisation and individualisation are important topics that increasingly shape the world of work and demand changes. A complex interaction between people, technology and organisation characterises modern work systems. The focus of the research group is therefore to link current technological progress with individual and organisational conditions. Important questions are: Which technical possibilities are accepted and used in companies? What challenges for working people arise from this? Which abilities of adaptation are necessary? How must an adequate, continuous competence development be designed? What could a flexibilisation of working time and work location be like? How can organisations implement new forms of work?

The research group Human & Organization addresses these numerous facets of work 4.0 and addresses in particular the opportunities and risks of digitisation with regard to human-centred design of work processes, flexible management through artificial intelligence, as well as individual and organisational resilience. In order to prepare the workers for the resulting changes, work-integrated competence development is another focus of research.