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63th GfA spring congress 15th-17th of February, 2017

The sociotechnical design of the digital change was the focus of this year’s spring congress, held by the society of ergonomics at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW in Brugg-Windisch. More than ten Members of the IAD took part in the congress and presented current research from the fields of work design/ work organization, production ergonomics and vehicle ergonomics.

In addition to the traditional ergonomic topics of human-machine-interactions and the ergonomic design of work systems, the event was focused on the topic of “digital change”. Contributions from the area of competence development, industrial engineering and sensual experiences were discussed. The overarching issue was the question on how to use the term “industry 4.0”, as the term can’t be clearly defined but plays an important role in applied ergonomics because businesses are expressing the need for recommendations on how to use and design industry 4.0. Furthermore, the Keynote-Speaker Prof. Dr. Oliver Bendel posed the question of an innovative but also ethical cooperation between humans and robots in the workplace. The exchange was complemented with workshops, doctorate workshops and poster presentations.

8th Darmstadt colloqium „mensch+fahrzeug“ took place on the 7th and 8th of March 2017

(How) do we want to drive autonomously?

In cooperation with the institute of automotive engineering (FZD) the IAD hosted the 8th Darmstadt colloquium “Mensch und Fahrzeug” on the 7th and 8th of March 2017.

Experts from both industry and science engaged in the possibilities and challenges presented by autonomous driving. The following questions were the focus of the presentations and discussions:

How should autonomous driving be designed in future? What technological challenges must be solved and what do the users expect of automation? How important are non-driving related tasks to the user? Do all users even want to drive autonomously? What role do the aspects of acceptance, trust and driving pleasure play?

You can find further information on the homepage www.menschundfahrzeug.de as well as additional details on the presentations and download the conference transcript.